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Net Carbon Zero is a $120 Trillion Investment – One Quarter of All Corporate Investment for the Next 30 Years
Our Role: Support Asset Owners & Managers in Aligning Investments with Values – while Earning a Competitive Return.

The journey to Net Zero 2050 will bring seismic changes to our society, the economy and how our companies operate. It’s far bigger than just investing in renewables.

"The future is apt to look very different from the past – bringing both tremendous opportunity and risk”

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Is green hydrogen competition coming faster than we expected ?

Tougher competitive dynamics in the green hydrogen electrolyser space has been something we’ve written about frequently. We think it’s fair to suggest that the competitive dynamics in the sector are indeed accelerating, possibly faster than even our initial bearish take assumed. If the model is correct, within a few years the industry could have already begun to move to stage three, where the technology rapidly diffuses and competitive advantage gets even harder to sustain.

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We need to cut the use of fertilisers

The use of fertiliser is the real problem, not how it is made. There is growing evidence that fertilisers impact the global carbon cycle by stimulating the release of soil organic carbon (SOC). As a result of these & other factors, we believe the agchem companies face long-term structural headwinds. We have recently published research on the likely trends in Ag Tech – if you would like to know more, contact

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Banning Xinjiang Polysilicon Is The Right Thing To Do & Won’t Impact Solar Growth

Banning Xinjiang Polysilicon Is The Right Thing To Do & Won’t Impact Solar Growth.
All things being equal, poly inflation could hit module prices. But module prices are only part of the story & the real drivers of the paradigm shift from cost to value for solar has a lot more to do with storage & smart grids.

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