Month: November 2021

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 26th Nov 2021 (Issue 17)

This weeks top story shows that R&D explains most of the cost reduction in batteries and solar, not cumulative production . We follow up with a piece on value destruction in the “urban air mobility” market plus in Agtech, we examine progress on taking salmon farming offshore. We finish with a guest story from our human rights expert on  how local regulation and international human rights law are coming together to create potential material risks for companies  …. Our last thought highlights the next German government’s key climate and energy plans.

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 19th Nov 2021 (Issue 16)

Our top story examines the first factory installed wireless EV charging system. We follow up on the recently published IEA Energy Efficiency 2021 report, then we examine why we shouldn’t fall for the myth of fast rising population growth plus in Agtech, we review biologicals, and why they will be part of the threat to business models of the agchem sector. We finish with a guest story from our human rights expert on  forced migration. Our last thought looks at how changes at FERC should aid the roll out of long distance electricity interconnectors & renewable grid connections in the US.

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 12th Nov 2021 (Issue 15)

Our top story examines energy efficiency, and why solving the issues around it could be one of our biggest contributors to reducing green house gas missions.  We follow with a report from RAP on the long term challenges coming up for gas regulators (& gas utilities), how the stay at home revolution has not benefitted everyone, plus in Agtech, we review the possible impacts (or lack of) of the strike at Deere. We finish with the climate consequences already hitting Africa and how they will impact human rights in the region.

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 5th Nov 2021 (Issue 14)

This week our top story examines the surge in EV sales in Europe & the growing need for charging infrastructure. We follow with an article on the falling costs of hybrid solar & storage, then we examine the CNH licencing deal that gives access to fully electric autonomous tractor technology We finish with a guest story from our human rights expert on the increasing talk of creating a “crime” of ecocide