About Sustainable Investing

Long Term, Thematic, Responsible

About Sustainable Investing

Long Term, Thematic, Responsible

About Sustainable Investing

Long Term, Thematic, Responsible

Delivering Net Zero isn’t just an imperative for society, it’s also the premier investment opportunity of our time.

“I get it: I need my portfolio to align with the values of the owner.
But unless I find the right positions, it’s all for naught.”

London based mid-cap equity Portfolio Manager


We recognize that avoiding climate disaster is the greatest challenge of our generation & we must be part of the solution.

We believe the greening of our economy can also be the most profitable investment opportunity any of us have ever seen.

We think new skills are necessary: sustainable investing is vexingly complex – there is no simple algorithm.

We see tremendous risks too. There will negative returns in many legacy industries & mis-allocated capital in some new arenas.

We know asset owners & managers have a central role & want to work towards a solution to climate disaster.

And we believe strongly we can support them

Founding Partners

Steven Bowen


After 10 years as a civil engineer, I spent 26 years working across finance, as a portfolio manager, a broker, managing debt books and in corporate finance. I have come to realise that our industry must be part of the solution if our planet is to deliver net zero carbon and a greener economy. Many asset owners and portfolio managers want to make a difference, not just for value based reasons but also because it makes financial sense. But the tools we have to make our long term investment decisions are insufficient. There are no easy algorithms. That is why we founded Sustainable Investing LLP, to give our clients the ability to invest in a way that truly takes us closer to achieving net zero carbon and a greener economy. I have been shaped by growing up in New Zealand, the land of few people, lots of space, and incredibly beautiful landscapes. My small non-work contribution to our collective future is keeping bees – a sometimes frustrating experience but we cannot survive without them.

Dan Waterman


I’m using what I learned from 25 years on a trading desk for a new challenge – by far the biggest & most important I’ve seen: helping investors tackle climate change. We know our clients are integral to greening our economy & they’re passionate about it; that’s why we founded Sustainable Investing LLP. Our job is to support them doing this profitably & sustainably while avoiding risks like stranded assets. Born & raised in Colorado, I grew up loving the outdoors. In my free time, I can be found hiking, biking or climbing with my family or camping with the scout troop.