Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 1st April 2022 (Issue 32)

This weeks top story looks at the possible mid term impact of higher gas prices on how much fertiliser we might use in the future.  In Transport, we look at how ready are we for the rapidly approaching bans on diesel HGV’s in some European cities, in Built Environment, we report on the “world’s first clinker-free cement (aka green) and in Distributed Electricity, we flag moves by the NREL to establish cyber standards for distributed energy resources – this may sound boring & geeky, but its actually going to be really important.  In our One Last Thought, we cover a US EIA report on how utility scale battery storage is stretching out its duration. .

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 25th March 2022 (Issue 31)

This weeks top story returns to green hydrogen askign how much as the Russian invasion really changed the story ? In Electrification, we look at how will we charge EV’s in the future, including asking “will the current petrol/gas station model remain valid”. In Built Environment, we revisit the decarbonisation of buildings. Its a tough challenge & progress is slow, but maybe its due more focus, after all its a big consumer of gas.  Finally, in Electricity Grids, we flag another Australian grid forming investor project. In our One Last Thought, we cover an Imperial College London report on the financial performance of unlisted renewable assets.

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 18th March 2022 (Issue 30)

This weeks top story starts in South Australia, taking a real world case study of a grid that has got to 60% renewables and looking at lessons for Europe. Its not been plain sailing and there are more challenges to overcome, but it shows what is possible. We finish with our “one last thought”, this time on the increasing challenges of getting insurance to cover natural disasters.

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 11th March 2022 (Issue 29)

This weeks top story considers Europe’s plan for a more affordable, secure & sustainable energy system … aka how do we make ourselves “independent from Russian fossil fuels well before 2030, starting with gas”. In Human Rights/Social we start to cover the EU Social taxonomy and we finish with our “one last thought”, this time on the potential for the next few decades.

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 6th March 2022 (Issue 28)

This weeks top story considers the IEA 10 points to cut Russian gas in a year. In Generation, we consider the potential to accelerate renewable investment, and the ability to bring more nuclear on stream, in Electricity Grids, we highlight the potential to use renewables & batteries to enhance grid stability , in Electrification, its about a surge in heat pump installations, and in Agtech, we discuss the apparent slump in demand for plant based foods.  We finish with our “one last thought”, this time on the potential for V2G.

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 25nd Feb 2022 (Issue 27)

This weeks top story considers the question “will the war accelerate Europe’s efforts to break the Russian gas link”?  In Generation, we review the exit of Korean giant LG Electronics from the global solar panel market, in Electrification, we highlight the expected upcoming SPAC deal for battery swapping company Gogoro , in Agtech, we discuss the emerging industry of fermentation. In Human Rights & Legal, its the EU Commission’s Draft proposal for a new Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence.  We finish with our “one last thought”, this time on the scale of bids for the US offshore wind leases

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 22nd Feb 2022 (Issue 26)

A storm Eunice delayed blog this week, focusing on more consolidation in the salmon industry (recent topic of a research report), increased spending coming on European on offshore wind and associated grid enhancement, research that identifies the importance of technological factors and improved site quality in the improvement in US wind farm capacity factors, an RWE supported project to use off shore wind to create green hydrogen for industry, and human rights & environmental “defenders” in Honduras. We finish with flood risk in the US

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 4th Feb 2022 (Issue 24)

This week the decision by the California public utilities regulator to delay voting on a controversial plan to change the rules for residential roof top solar, the scale of green hydrogen development taking place in China, real barriers to the financial viability of vertical farms and on shore fish farms, news of a pumped hydro project due to start up shortly in Portugal, and developments in green buses. Plus a possible extension to the recently announced mandatory EU Due Diligence legislation & bee bricks in new buildings.

Sustainable Investing weekly blog: 28th Jan 2022 (Issue 23)

This week, the potential for pumped storage hydro, the decision by the fertiliser giant Yara to replace existing hydrogen production with green, progress that Europe is making in growing the share of renewables, slow progress in improving European building emissions, the impact of climate disruption on the global coffee industry, the implications of the slowing in Chinese population growth, & the upcoming EU draft regulation on deforestation. We finish with the apparent willingness of European consumers to pay more for greener cars.