Sustainable Investing

Introducing Sustainable Investing

Why Sustainable Investing? Delivering Net Zero and a greener economy isn’t just an imperative for society, it’s also the premier investment opportunity of our time. We recognise that avoiding climate disaster is the greatest challenge of our generation & we must be part of the solution.

Sustainable Investing and Valuation

To keep global warming to only 1.5-2.0° (Net Zero 2050), we need to mobilise vast amounts of private sector capital – up to $120 trillion. This investment must be financially as well as socially viable. Popular tools such as ESG scoring, and measuring company exposures to the UN SDG’s, are largely silent on the key question … “does this make a good investment”.

More power to asset owners.

This time it is different. Asset owners want their investments to be aligned with their values around net zero, a greener & fairer economy and generate a fair return. To deliver this, they will become more active in the investment process, balancing out the financial and value based issues.